Environmental Responsibility

Astron has a strong commitment to sustainability and minimizing the environmental impacts of its operations.

Astron operates under a Corporate Environmental Management System aligned with ISO 14001 and under an Environmental Policy.  The EMS is implemented at all of our sites, and ensures that all site environmental risks are managed appropriately.  Sites are audited internally on an annual basis.

Resource efficiency is a key KPI with sites required to monitor and reduce energy and water consumption, and the production of waste to landfill.  Astron participates in the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act and also the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The team at Astron works closely with the company’s customers, suppliers and a community of stakeholders to provide leadership in corporate social responsibility – particularly as it relates to environmental sustainability.

Astron is focused on:

  • Enriching the lives of customers and communities through its products
  • Operating an honest, respectful and sustainable business that contributes to a sustainable environment through product lifecycle planning and environmental management
  • Engaging employees through innovation, opportunity, learning, diverse experiences and development
  • Managing risks through robust management and board debate, strong internal governance, a safety culture and business continuity planning