Resin Calculator

Calculating the value recycled resin delivers to you has never been easier. The majority of clients use recycled resin with a blend of virgin resin to help better understand the cost saving recycled resin delivers. Astron have developed a simple recycled resin calculator to allow you the ability to calculate your savings.

Instructions for use

  1. Calculate your items individual weight in kilograms and insert that number into the cell marked product weight
  2. Input your current purchase price of virgin resin into the virgin resin cost cell
  3. Insert the resin cost as a price per kilogram
  4. Insert the recycled resin in the recycled resin cost cell
  5. Input the mix you are looking to use in regards to percentage of virgin & recycled, this is done by showing 20% as 0.2 and 80% as 0.80
  6. To generate a total saving for the entire production run, input into the calculator the volume to be manufactured and the total volume in kilograms you will be making